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We design, we produce and we provide biochemical research tools and technologies for gene expression analysis at the ribosomal level

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IMMAGINA’s proprietary RiboLace technology enables fast and selective extraction of ribosomes in active translation (both in vitro and in vivo) and purification of ribosome protected fragments (RPFs) for continuing with the ribosome profiling library preparation. The technology combines a module for sample preparation, three different options for ribosome profiling library preparation/sequencing (RiboLace module 2, LACEseq and circAID-p-seq.) and a kit for gel extraction. The technology allows the user to perform ribosome profiling experiments with a short and simple workflow, no ultracentrifugation steps and low cell input requirements (>100.000 cells in active translation).

Download RiboLace Datasheet


  • Ribosomal profiling
  • Translatome analysis
  • RIBOseq



IMMAGINA Biotechnology provides an innovative solution for proteogenomic analysis with AHARIBO (AHA-mediated RIBOsome isolation). AHARIBO presents an effective tool to explore quantitative relationships between transcript and protein levels, offering a reliable and accurate approach for downstream parallel translatome analysis and proteomic analysis, empowering scientists to shed light onto the functional complexity of the mammalian genome. IMMAGINA offers three different modules for AHARIBO: RNA, protein and Western blot.

Download AHARIBO Datasheet


  • Translatome analysis
  • De novo proteome analysis
  • Proteotranscriptomic
  • Ribosome heterogeneity studies
  • Characterization of lncRNA



CircAID is the only technology for high-quality library preparation for phosphoRNA sequencing (3’-phosphate/2’,3’-cyclic phosphate (3’P/2’,3’-cP) end) with Illumina (PCR based) or Oxford Nanopore platforms (PCR free). CircAID uses proprietary RNA adapters (backbones) and enzymes to capture and sequence phosphorylated molecules.

Download CircAID Datasheet Download LACEseq Datasheet


  • Ribosome profiling
  • Phospho RNA sequencing
  • Selective transcriptome analysis
  • 2′,3′-Cyclic Phosphate / 3’ Phosphate RNA sequencing
  • Short RNA sequencing for Oxford Nanopore Technologies sequencing platforms


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