Ribosome Profiling All-In-One Set- 12 rxns



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Product description

All kits and reagents to perform ribosome profiling from cell lysis to sequencing and data analysis. These products include RiboLace Module 1, LaceSeq, PAGE Extraction Gel and UDI for 12 reactions.

Find out more on the protocols, datasheets, MSDS and FAQS for

RiboLace Module 1 (https://immaginabiotech.com/product/ribolace-module-1-kit),

LaceSeq (https://immaginabiotech.com/product/laceseq),

PAGE Extraction Gel (https://immaginabiotech.com/product/page-gel-extraction-kit),

UDI (https://immaginabiotech.com/product/udi-plates).


-Ribosomal profiling

-Translatome analysis

Documentation & research papers

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