iUDI LACEseq Plate - 12 primers pairs for 12 rxns



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Product description

iUDI Plate LACEseq unique dual index plates contain PCR primers for amplification of indexed Illumina-compatible NGS libraries. These unique, dual-indexed primers can be used with our LACEseq NGS ribosome profiling kits to generate Illumina-compatible demultiplexed libraries.


- Ribosome profiling

- Phospho RNA sequencing

There are four cat numbers available for this product (#LS-UDI-012A-12, #LS-UDI-012B -12, #LS-UDI-012C-12, #LS-UDI-012D -12), that only differ by the index sequences (see Document in documentation & research papers). Please note that they will be ship randomly, unless differently specified during the ordering process.

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Please note that UTI kit will be shipped in one box in dry ice. The shipping is usually scheduled within one week from your order. We pride ourselves on rapid and thorough support to ensure your success with our new technology. Please contact us with any questions.

Documentation & research papers

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