circAID-p-seq Kit



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Product description

Prepare libraries compatible with Oxford Nanopore Technologies sequencers without the need for PCR amplification. 

Quick (1-day) high-quality library preparation for short RNAs (20-50 nt) bearing a 3’-phosphate/2’,3’-cyclic phosphate (3’P/2’,3’-cP) end. 

The final library product is suitable for third-generation sequencing on the Oxford Nanopore Technologies sequencing platform, thus enabling real-time single-molecule detection of biologically relevant RNA species.

The phospho-RNA sequencing kit is for 6 reactions 

Sequencing platform: Oxford Nanopore Technologies 


- Phospho RNA sequencing

- Ribosome profiling

Shipping informations

Please note that circAID-p-seq will be shipped in dry ice. The shipping is scheduled within one week from your order. We pride ourselves on rapid and thorough support to ensure your success with our new technology. Please contact us with any questions.

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