01 February 2020

IMMAGINA Raises 1M €

In February 2020 IMMAGINA BioTechnology raised 1M Euro from existing investors and new, undisclosed EU-based investors. The Company has raised about 2M Euro to date.


IMMAGINA BioTechnology S.r.l. (The Ribosome Company) offers an exclusive platform dedicated to pharmaceutical and biomedical research capable of isolating specific cellular components (active ribosomes), i.e. molecular printers that read a text (called RNA) and produce the functional building blocks (called proteins) of every living cell. The platform currently includes 5 research kits and some accessory products for purification and sequencing of biological samples. These products, unique on the market, are able to give an image of what healthy or diseased cells produce. IMMAGINA products are currently sold worldwide to pharmaceutical companies and public and private research centers for cutting-edge studies in the biomedical sector.


A capital injection of approximately one million euros was recently completed to support the development plans of IMMAGINA BioTechnology S.r.l., a start-up in the Biotech sector born and raised in Trentino Alto Adige. To subscribe the investment were the existing shareholders (including Mauro Cogoli, Giovanni Zobele, Technicon S.p.A., Hermann Hauser Investment Gmbh) and new investors from Switzerland, Austria, Germany, the South Tyrolean tba-network and the rest of Italy. The capital increase and investment are intended to support commercial and marketing development at a global level, in addition to constant product innovation. In fact, IMMAGINA BioTechnology S.r.l. recently signed an agreement with the British company Oxford Nanopore Technologies for a collaborative project on RNA sequencing. The activity of Immagina BioTechnology S.r.l. takes place in the Laboratory of Biomarker Studies and Structure Analysis for Health (LaBSSAH), a joint laboratory between the University of Trento / Bruno Kessler Foundation (FBK) / National Council Research Institute - CNR-IBF Institute of Biophysics, and established within the FBK facilities in Trento.

IMMAGINA has been operating commercially since the beginning of 2019 and is currently made up of a team of 6 people in expansion to support business needs. This last investment is added to the first investments of 2017, to the support of Banca Intesa and to a contribution LP6 / 99 which were dedicated to the development of the properties intellectuals and platform.

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